Friday, 1 February 2013

STC - Life Story

After a super long break the writing club is back. I feel SO out of practice. A forum of friend vs. feind is happening in my head right now, fighting it out if this is garbage or not. But I'll go ahead and post while I wait for the verdict. The prompt was to create a character then tell his/her story in 300 words or less. If you're interested, mine is 279. Enjoy.

Right now I’m breathing and listening. Soon, it will be my turn to share an opinion. We’re currently discussing the ideals and limitations of a utopian society. I don’t know who thinks of these subjects, but I’m glad we walk while we talk. Flora and fauna seem to take the edge off. I don’t actually know how I (an irrational euphony aficionado) ended up in this (rather cerebral) research group, but the Lord must have known what he was doing. We’ve been together so long I can’t remember exactly when I joined but I love the little community we’ve formed. We’re all very different, but in a family kind of way. They say it takes a village to raise a child; I guess we’re all raising each other.

Now on the train, I’m missing the banter but glad to be off. I’m starting my “pilgrimage” today - they say everyone should take one at some point, and I felt a “coming of age” coming on. I’m surprised by how warm and comfortable my cabin is. The thud-THUD of the train is so soothing...

Thud-THUD thud-THUD... how long did I sleep? It’s pitch black in here... thud-THUD thud-THUD... oh there’s a light up ahead, must be a tunnel... thud-THUD thud-THUD... I hope it ends soon. This darkness is stifling!... thud-THUD thud-THUD... whoa. I just got crazy deja vu from the talk earlier, or did I dream that?... thud-THUD thud-THUD... I must have been sleeping really hard, my brain is feeling really fuzzy... thud-THUD thud-THUD... Where am I again?...

The thud-THUDing stopped. It just got really bright and really cold! My eyes aren’t focusing right. What the heck...

“It’s a girl!”


  1. Ooohhhhh .... very surprising twist there! Nice read! Btw, I found my way here from the Hark That blog.

  2. Thanks! I thought it might be a little confusing, but I'm glad you enjoyed it!