Monday, 12 September 2011

The Misadventures of a Lady and Her Cleansweep 5

The Beast. The Hawk. The CleanSweep 5.

I decided that as a motorcycle lover and owner I should actually use the bike I have. Disregarding the passing comment made by the Trophy Motorcycle shopkeeper about how we should sell it unless we have a death wish, and it's less than perfect track record, I opted to ride it to work instead of taking the car.

Eleanor Roosevelt said "Do one thing every day that scares you." Well, I can emphatically check that off my list. Last time I rode it I dropped it down a hill and later knocked it over on a lady because I didn't get it into neutral when kick starting. I was apprehensive to say the least. Knees shaking I headed out on my 45 min sans freeway ride to work. The shocks are bad so you feel every bump and crack but after a few minutes I was okay. The wind in my face always does that for me. Arrived: Safe and sound. Fast forward 8 hours (4 more than I was expecting), I remount and set out to retrace my steps home.


  • Unavoidably scratched helmet visor = Less than ideal night vision.
  • Wind = watering eyes. 
  • Missed turn (due to tear blurred vision) = forced freeway entrance (I have my license but desired to keep speeds lower).
  • +55 mph = tremendous wobbling.
  • Inexplicable spluttering = Empty gas tank.
  • Darkness = Difficulty in finding reserve tank switch.
  • Filling 2 gallon gas tank in Ca = $8.00
  • Old motorcycle being insulted by the price of gas these days = Refuses to shift to neutral.
  • Sitting on your ratty motorcycle trying to shift for more than 2 minutes = Looks of concern from passersby.
  • Riding in "crisp" weather with no jacket, and wind on your face = Aching limbs from uncontrollable shivering. 
  • Riding in "crisp" weather with no gloves = Temporary onset of arthritis in hands (limiting ability to operate clutch and brake).
  • Distress from above mentioned factors = 2nd missed turn and illegal u-turn due to growing desperation.
  • Owning a motorcycle instead of a 2nd car = Still glad we made that choice.

Riding a motorcycle makes me feel wild. It connects me to the recklessness I can feel in my chest.  The speed makes me feel like the wind is bearing down on me, fighting me back, but I'm pushing through. It feels like flying and I love it.

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  1. oh my god I'm glad I'm not your mother. But still this scares the crap out of me. Geez.
    Really engaging and dynamic blog. I am reading a memoir-esque book by Anne Lamott called "Grace (Eventually)" and I could easily see this one in there.
    I'm glad you still enjoy your purchase. After reading this I'm not sure I do but alas, you are a Sharp