Wednesday, 12 October 2011

STC - Sea Turtles

This week we were supposed to write anything we wanted as long as it included sea turtles. I set to write about the (naked) girl and turtle in the painting that went with my first STC post (The Bad Gift) and here's what transpired:

A soulful girl, a slogging beast
the ocean land world at a crease,
walk together by the by
and here the girl let out a sigh,
"But for to live as you do friend,
one toe in water, one on land."
"But oh!" he said, "As you wish I,
could over land on two feet fly!"
Came now Amphitrite up from the sea
"But only could my life been but as thee!
For here I am in marriage bound
to mean Poseidon my joy to hound
and will never walk in sympathy
with lovely companionship as do thee."
With crashing wave she held their hands
"Now you in water and you on land
shall ever be in friendship thus;
To share in life and love and trust
and share the sea and share the shore
and share swiftness on either or."
Had their wish been granted them?
Hopefully they took a swim.
Both could equally skim and dive
and without a frequent breath did thrive.
Now from the shallows to the deep,
to see what creatures they could meet.
"But how I want to try the land!"
Said the turtle and took her hand.
They set their feet on shore to run
so far and fast till came the dunn.
Resting in a mossy glen,
they stayed till sun came up again.
Such contentment!
Such abandonment!
Such as this their lives were spent,
with child joy and merriment,
and every year were closer bound
by this sweet fellowship they had found
for sharing is what makes a friend
and these are cords no man can rend.

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