Friday, 29 April 2011

Foto Ft. - Day 108

Everywhere around me I've been seeing "featuring"s; On blogs, in music, books, podcasts and film. Since it seems to be the hip new thing, I decided to do a "featuring" on my blog in hopes up upping the hippness. Enjoy!

Some views of Continental Europe, ft. the photos of Joelle Church.

The artist herself.
There were many great shots, these were just my favorite ones... and I couldn't steal all of her pictures for my blog!


  1. the second photo from the top is my favorite!!

  2. well done joelle! Those are freaking amazing. Linda, your hippness has doubled

  3. beautiful! awesome shots. i was getting ready to say something about your hippness increasing but then i read my husband's quote above and don't want to copy him. just know that i concur...