Sunday, 19 June 2011

Fathers Day

Once upon a time there was a father. He hadn't been a father for very long, but even with that disadvantage, he was quite good at it. He was running over with the most important aspects of fathering; He could make his child feel confidence, safety, and love with one movement of praise or discipline. He was also the kind of father that knew he still had much to learn. He often asked the mother of his small family to look out for any unkind words or attitudes and correct him on it. He asked her for advice and was always welcoming of perspectives different than his.
He was also a father that was stupendous at playing. The mother had to put lids on the pans of food when she made dinner because of all the tumbling and squealing upstairs knocking debris into them. He tossed, chased, rawred, hugged, pounced, munched, rolled, and any other -ed you can think of and then his son would screech with pleasure and stumble his stubby legs around the room.
You must be thinking that I've now described all the good things than can be ascribed to a father, but no! This father had even more. You see, for most people it takes a child to make them a father but a long time ago before this fathers fathers father was born, a fairy fell in love with his father. She was one of the rare, less mischievous fairies (I think it was because she had a little bit of dryad in her). Being a fairy, their marriage didn't last long (As we all know fairy life spans were much shorter back then) and they didn't have a chance to have any children by the end of her life. "My darling," she said, laying on her deathbed of moss and leaves with her love holding her head on his chest "We have no child to be a proof of our love and to carry the spirit of our family on after us. That was a gift that I was not able to give you, but let me give you what I have. As my light is fading out I will pass onto you the seed that our love, which was strong and pure, planted in my soul. It will make you a father even without a child and in many years when another love you find and a child is given to you, that seed will be passed to him and on and on to every male in your line so that even when there is no child given or a fault found in the father, the seed - the essence of fatherhood will always be present." With that she quietly lifted her head, kissed him with her lips of rose, and lay back on him for the last time. Her darling never thought he would love again, but as time does, it brought him another love and after a while they had a son. As the fairy wife promised the seed was passed along, down and down. It has carried with it the essence of her soul - eyes that dance with passion for life, and steadiness and meter like the roots of a strong oak and it has made every one of them a father in the highest sense (it also made them all slightly smaller than average).
This dear reader, is the advantage that the father I am writing about today had. On top of all of his natural qualities he had this... magic, that had been passed on from his fairy almost grandmother; And when you combine natural and magical it makes one fantastic father. The End.

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