Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Dinner, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away - Day 42

Welcome to the Bespin Cloud City's favorite high class dining spot. Today on the menu we have an out of this world three course dinner sure to please all those space travelers out there.

For the starter we have a Gungan cooked cabbage salad garnished with Naboo berries and a light "Jar Jar" dressing that is sweet and tangy.
After you've finished off this nourishing and necessary course you can head on to the delectable entree. Today we are serving Skywalker Marinara with Lava sauce and mozzarella. The side is grilled and spiced Lightsab-asparagus. Then wash it all down with a glass of Tihaar, a strong Mandalorian spirit made with mixed fruit juices, and aged until it's clear.
 You might be tempted to go all Jabba on us and gorge yourself on this heroic main course, but be sure to leave room for your final conquest of our third course: The defeat of the Death Star Brownies and nourishing Blue Milk of Tatooine. Not only is this course a treat for your taste buds (if your race is blessed to have them) it is also a theatrical experience in and of itself.

This is what we came up with when Joelle asked me what the theme should be for the dinner we were preparing. I think she meant “Mexican” or “Breakfast” types of themes, but why not “Star Wars?” Why should we hold our creativity within the small confines of our planet? Our galaxy even? And if we hadn't, we never would have found the wealth of information that has to offer!

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  1. Dang. I just had chicken tonight. So boring in comparison. I love the "Feed Our Child" link at the top right of your page. genius. Gets me every time