Wednesday, 16 February 2011

iBrain on Shuffle - Day 36

For those of you who don't know "iBrain on Shuffle" is something a friend of mine from Tulsa, OK got me started on years ago when MySpace was the trendy blog place. Pretty much you just write the random one line thoughts that come to you. I'm doing the "Nano Touch" version (including a picture for some of them). Enjoy.

Dreaming every night and very realistically here.
 Smoked old man pipes yesterday with Joelle.
Took up watercolors.

Had my first leave the house "mom day" this morning.
Miss talking to my mom.

If the scale is right, lost somewhere in the realm of 10 pounds since we came.
Have been writing SO much.
So good to have a girl to hang out with so much, especially such an enjoyable one.
The Lord is teaching me about Himself again.
Homesick for Redding, SD and Kansas all at once.
 Nathaniel is standing alone and pushing things around rooms.

In other news that needs a few more words - I tried Marmite (a vegetarian yeast extract spread). I was so hungry for something savory on my toast that I just did it. It has such a strong smell and so I put it in a thin layer hoping that would dissipate the flavor some, but no! that stuff is punch in the mouth strong in it's smallest forms. It actually had a really familiar taste... I think because I've made bread quite a bit and always sample the raw dough. If you lack to opportunity or bravery to ever try it, just imagine that yeasty bread after taste - just really salty and 1,000 times stronger.

Now I'm off to peruse my old photo albums. Cheerio!


  1. Who is Joelle and how did you meet her?
    Nathaniel looks amazing! He'll be walking in no time.
    One time an English man dared me to eat marmite. I'd never tried it so he dared me to eat a whole spoonful. bad news bears

  2. Just read that story. The best