Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Room With A View - Day 27

In the tree across the street from our house lives a partridge... Two in fact, but it is not a pear tree. While I was pondering those partridges that live in not pear trees it brought to mind all the other stereotypes that have not been true so far.
(A). The food here is not bad. Everything I heard about English food was negative and I've loved everything I've tried so far. Maybe it's just because I'm from the midwest, but the food here is homey and cozy and mouthwatering good. Even the regular milk that you buy at the store is ten times better than store bought milk in the states. Then on top of it, they use pumpkins and carrots and beets for coloring and all sorts of non-nasty food additives instead of chemically ones.
(B). The people here are not stuck up. I can count the times I've encountered rude people on one hand, and I'm out and about a lot. Every time I've needed help with anything the people have been more than willing to direct and help me. There is always someone on the bus that offers me their seat. It may just be that I grew up with my Dad's ironic dry humor and it conditioned me for here, but that is no excuse for the gigantic stereotype. If you ask someone how their day is 9 times out of 10 you'll get a real answer that involves some personal aspect of their life and not just a "good" like everyone stateside.
(C). The weather is not awful. I've been told that we haven't started the rainy season yet so this opinion may change, but we've been here a month now and there were only four or five days that really got cold (the twenties) and the sun comes out weekly. To top it off, when it's cloudy it stays much warmer so there's no reason to be depressed by the clouds. Just think of it as getting to stay under the covers all day long. Who doesn't like that thought? The only arguable point is the wind, but for me there's not much I like more than getting completely disheveled by some rowdy, wild wind; Makes me homesick.

The one thing that I've had a complaint about are the buses. While any mode of public transit would be better than the nonexistent/uber expensive expression of it in the states, there are many days I've waited nearly hours (accumulatively) for my bus. The schedule works well enough but it is fluid when it comes to punctuality. I'm a bad person to talk about this though because the village that we live in only has two buses come an hour and only once an hour after six.

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  1. Sounds pleasant. i especially like that you live in a "village".