Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Boys - Day 48

High/Queen St at St. Aldates

Into town, key forgotten
At least one goal was gotten
We walked together.

Back home, inspired thus
At least I caught the bus
I’m still wearing slippers.

Jonathan means "Gift of God"... so does Nathaniel. These are my men.
Last week after a brutal "write a paper for every class" Jon decided to top himself in spoiling me. I was drowning in constant offers to change Nathaniel, make food, carry anything I was holding and the longest time alone I've had since we arrived here. After a breakfast in bed, he plugged the iPod in my ears and hurried me to the bus stop. I had enough time away to write two journal entries, draw the above picture of my view from the 2nd story of the Bux, and read two fairy tales (that were not short by any means), and then to start missing them. Meeting in town we then went to buy a new carrier for Nathaniel (thanks to the generosity of the Moore's) since he outgrew the one we brought for him and the straps would slice into your shoulders like razor blades. But back to Jonathan, I've been eternally impressed with him since school started this semester. He's been so dedicated to his studies. His fellow students constantly comment on how he's always in the library and working so hard, but then he wrestles and cuddles with Nathaniel every night, and on top of it all he is constantly comforting, chatting with, and challenging me. What a man!
Then the boyo, well he's following in his father's footsteps. He has an insatiable curiosity about everything, constantly inspecting, twisting, dropping, tasting and climbing. Earlier he was crawling around going "Mmmm......Mmmmm...Mmm" I expected it was just him talking, but after a glance at his pursed lips I checked his mouth and he had been chewing on a rock, rolling it around in his mouth. I'm also having to teach him to leave the trash can and toilet alone because he's always wanting to inspect the contents. I think he's recently hitting a big growth spurt, of his brain at least. I feel like he's so much more of a little boy every day and his dexterity and vocabulary are growing so quickly.


  1. OH so fun... the next best thing to being there!

  2. yes totally love the vids. Can't wait to see you guys