Monday, 17 January 2011

Coom-Nuh - Day 5

Blue Room so cozy
A bit out of town
A lamplit and drizzly walk home.

City so ancient
Holds much of my heart
Only his-try to make itself known.

Two days ago we had a picturesque train ride through English countryside to a surprisingly ugly Oxford. The oxburbs ain't no tourist attraction. Our house is four miles west of town. Only a quick bus ride away. The family we're staying with have nine kids, all but one moved out, and now they let the rooms out to other youngsters. The place is actually an old inn. Because of this I was going to call the place Mossy Inn but then I realized that it wasn't just our roof that had moss on it, but everything everywhere. We've settled on the title "Allen Inn" after it's proprietors.

I haven't taken many pictures the last two days because I wanted to soak everything in first. We had a tour yesterday, the highlights of which were: St. Michael's at the North Gate, the tower of which was built in 1040; The Eagle and Child pub where the "Inklings" met; and Radcliffe Camera.
Today we walked around at Oxford Castle (pictured below) but opted out of a tour until Joelle gets here and Jonathan had Orientation and Blackfriars Hall. He is officially an Oxford Uni student now. ID card and all. It's crazy. The doors have coded locks and it's all so secretive (probably to keep the tourists out. There are SO many of them!). Faculty and peers alike have been very welcoming to me and especially Nathaniel. Well, I'm feeling uninspired by this post so I'll leave it here.

PS. On the way out to our place there is a Toys R Us and an Aldis. I now realize why Jon hates chain stores. Especially here they seem so inappropriate.

Not a fan of the "pusher"

Had a video to add but the internet here is too slow. Will have to wait until tomorrow.

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