Friday, 14 January 2011

Magical Day

I'm in the plane right now on our way to Atlanta flying the border of
Colorado and New Mexico. The boyo is sleeping on the floor and Jon is
studiously reading his Philosophy of Religion book. I was going to go
on Facebook but Internet is $12.50 for the flight. Boo. My social life
has been suffering in this flurry of preparation.
Day before yesterday when we were sorting what we need and don't into
our two suitcases we got an email. Some saint of a person in Cumnor (a
town a couple miles, or kilometers as the case may be, outside of
Oxford) said they will host us in their house, with our own private
bathroom, for £300 a month. Not only is that at least £100 cheaper
than anywhere else I found, it includes bills AND basic food! As I
said.... A saint of a person; Can't wait to meet them!
Yesterday we met Alisa in San Francisco, had clam chowder in bread
bowls and wished we had longer to sleep. Scott, a friend from
Jonathan's time in Korea, let us crash his apartment for the night.
Now we are on our way. Nathaniel has done great so far playing and
making friends with everyone and we are as excited as can be. Once we
land I'll post this and be off to board our international flight in
Atlanta. Then the only thing between us and England will be the
Atlantic and time.

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