Friday, 14 January 2011

God Save The Queen - Day 2

Sights and sounds of the day:

After eating "Breakfast" (also known as lunch) we headed out on the town

 Our first ride on a double-decker bus. I'm super glad we're not driving here, although the roads are actually set up in a very efficient manner. Just VERY different!
 Nothing like Buckingham at night.. No guards though. Apparently they are just for the tourists.
 First sighting of Big Ben on our walk at the London Mall (where the idea for the one in DC came from).
 The weather is uncommonly warm. All we were wearing was sweater. The locals were wearing all but parkas in preparation for winters unannounced return.
In front of a Telephone booth just like the one Ali and Kev gave us.
Nathaniel's squeal at the end of the six o'clock chime signaled time for dinner and now the yawn I'm suppressing signals bed. The men are sleeping already. Hopefully the boyo will sleep the night through instead of another two hour playtime at midnight. In closing I have to say, even after today it still doesn't feel quite real. There are too many similarities and we have learned to take new cities so in stride that this seems just like an east coast city we haven't visited yet. Maybe once we get to Oxford and are staying with a British family instead of our American friends it will be better. Goodnight!


  1. Wow. I read all of them and am sufficiently jealous. I've been talking about you guys a lot to other people. Feeling adventurous for simply being friends with these amazing people who packed up with nothing but each other and faith and headed out to a foreign land. I'm so proud of you guys and miss you greatly.

  2. That was actually my comment. Jenna is currently in a foreign land as well. But I'm sure she'd second my sentiments.