Friday, 14 January 2011


I've imagined this day for a long time. Not necessarily the time in
the plane, but stepping on to European soil. I can cross it off my
list, and probably find a bunch of stuff to add. Whenever I think of
looking at the buildings I hear the Death Cab For Cutie song in my
You and me have seen everything to see/ From Bangkok to Calgary/ And
the soles of your shoes/ Are all worn down.
What I actually wrote on the plane was much less poetic, but I have to say, it is the best yet at an attempt to think and feel on paper. Here it is:

Feel it. feel it. experience. excitement. I can’t sleep. I can barely rest. my mind is racing. I’m somewhere I’ve never been before. We’re landing in a new place. Adreneline rushing. I don’t care if i don’t sleep. let it take me. pump through my veins. this is why we do this. This rush this life. excitement. new. explore it. feel it. feel it FEEL IT! my heart is pounding excitement chemicals through my veins. my hands are shaking. you have to sleep. sleep while he sleeps. But the ADVENTURE!! the Adventure!! what is sleep! don’t turn off the feeling. so I’ll be tired for a few days. I’d rather that than to learn how to not feel this. We are exploring! Finding . Searching! Seeing! Things we’ve never seen before smelled before heard before. stories coming to life - to our lives! Don’t lose the moment.

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