Friday, 21 January 2011

Playlist - Day 8

We didn't use Dramimine. Flying over the Atlantic and excited about London Calling kept us on our toes in anticipation. Who wants sleep when you're Zorbing in every detail, every minute, every second? Where we are right now is The Middle of a dream. Before leaving, people warned us about the weather but we LOVE weather so Let It Rain! Let it pour! With every drop soaked into our shoes as From Th*e* Fount of Every Blessing! Any second we could find ourselves in an inspiring moment, like when Paul McCartney found a receipt in a coat in a charity shop with the name Elenor Rigby on it, and now the world knows the song. Oxford reminds me a bit of Elenor actually, tired and old, but maybe she'll find a New Soul in the jar by her door one day instead of a Troublemaker. Jon started classes this week and Nathaniel and I spend a lot of time together. I sing You Make Me Feel Like Dancing and he dances (and sometimes falls off the bed). As for time with Jon... homework increases and so does the time apart, but I know it will Be Ok because I don't have remind him that "You Belong To Me" because we've made each other Home and are only rearranging for a time. Every day walking into town with the crisp air by my side, passing Penny Lane, I think of him and how I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm. I dreamed that we'd live here exactly like this but never knew how it would be true. This path has been hard and more of a learning experience than a fun one. But what have we learned? Despite all the trouble, It's So Sweet To Trust In Jesus, but oh for grace to trust Him more.

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